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Exponent Health Sciences Newsletter – Sustainability


February 9, 2010

We are pleased to feature Volume 3 of the Health Sciences Newsletter, which includes the feature article, “Sustainability: An Enduring Approach to Business on this Planet,” by Pat Sheehan and Dave Dahlstrom.

The word is out and the message is clear—Earth's resources are limited, and there are health and environmental costs associated with how we extract and use natural resources; undertake new development; build our homes and workplaces; manufacture, use, recycle, or dispose of consumer products; grow, transport, and prepare the products we use and the food we consume; and produce the energy that makes everything run. Although "sustainability" is firmly entrenched in the common vernacular, used properly, the term is far more than just a catch-phrase. Rather, it is becoming an integral part of the way business is done around the world. A truly sustainable business is one that manages health and environmental risks in ways that support business growth, especially in difficult economic times.

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