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Dr David Hoel Serves As Member of Joint American-Japanese Radiation Effects Research Foundation


April 3, 2011

Dr. David Hoel, a principal in Exponent’s Center for Epidemiology and Computational Biology, recently served with the Radiation Effects Research Foundation, a Cooperative Japan-US Research Foundation,  to complete the review of the continuing study of the Japanese A-Bomb survivor cohorts. Dr Hoel has had extensive experience in research and the evaluation of the potential health effects of ionizing radiation. He spent three years in Hiroshima for the National Academy of Sciences as an American Director of the joint American-Japanese Radiation Effects Research Foundation which studies the effects of radiation on the A-bomb survivors. These studies form the basis for what society understands about radiation health effects. Currently he is a member of the Foundation’s Scientific Councilors which advise the Foundation each year on their research program and coincidently returned from Japan from this year’s review the day before the first earthquake. Dr. Hoel also serves as a member of the National Academies Board on Nuclear and Radiation Studies.

This week Dr. Hoel and colleagues from Exponent will be evaluating contamination levels at several Japanese facilities in the Fukushima area. His experiences and contacts in Japan give him both knowledge and the ability to access data and obtain needed new information.