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Engineers Designated as Certified Smart Card Industry Professionals


November 25, 2009

The Smart Card Alliance, the United States’ leading authority on smart cards and identification credentials, consisting of over 170 industry representatives worldwide, today announced that Brad A. McGoran, P.E. (Principal Engineer, Menlo Park), and John R. Fessler, Ph.D, P.E. (Senior Managing Engineer, Irvine) had passed the final certification exam and each been designated as Certified Smart Card Industry Professionals. The certification process required applicants to demonstrate years of experience associated with smart card and associated technology, interviews with references within Government and industry, and a final three-part exam covering smart card fundamentals, security, cryptography, public key infrastructure, application data management, secure identification, mobile payments, pay TV, communication protocols, contactless interfaces, and near field communications. Mr. McGoran and Dr. Fessler were among the inaugural group to complete the certification process and requirements, resulting in their designation as CSCIP accredited professionals. Mr. McGoran and Dr. Fessler collectively have over 16 years of experience in the field of smartcard technology, are influential members of the United States Standards body, ANSI B10, that writes the standards for smartcards, and continue to support Government and industry clients in the deployment, implementation, use, and understanding of smart card technology and associated systems.