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Exponent Engineer Wins 2013 Shahyar Pirzadeh Memorial Award


January 25, 2013

Dr. Sean Kamkar, an Associate in Exponent’s Mechanical Engineering practice, recently won the 2013 Shahyar Pirzadeh Memorial Award, which is given annually by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in the discipline of Meshing Visualization and Computational Environments for his article entitled, “An Automated Adaptive Mesh Refinement Scheme for Unsteady Aerodynamic Wakes." The award is given to the best paper submitted to the discipline of Meshing Visualization and Computational Environments during the previous year.

Article Abstract

A non-dimensional feature detection approach is employed to control adaptive mesh refinement for unsteady aerodynamic simulations in which the wake experiences highly unsteady vortical structures. The scheme identifies vortical flow features, independent of types, size, and strength, and thereby provides a means to refine the mesh in an automated fashion without the need for case-specific tuning and user intervention. The feature-based scheme can also be coupled with Richardson Extrapolation error estimation to control mesh resolution requirements. High-order numerics are applied together with localized mesh refinement improve far-field resolution of vortical structures. Test cases include an advecting theoretical ring vortex, vortex shedding over a cylinder, and hovering rotor wake flow. In all cases, the scheme demonstrates the ability to automatically control mesh refinement without user intervention.