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Exponent Engineers Author Chapter in New Textbook on Degradation of Implant Materials


August 27, 2012

Dr. Ming Wu and Dr. Paul Briant recently authored a chapter entitiled "The Use of Finite Element Analysis in Design, Life Prediction, and Failure Analysis of Biomaterials and Medical Devices" in a new medical device textbook entitled Degradation of Implant Materials published by Springer Press.  This is the first book on degradation of implant materials since 1985. Their chapter addresses the adoption and application of finite element modeling analysis (FEA) during design and failure analysis of medical devices. 


This book focuses on degradation of biomaterials, which is one of the major considerations in their design, processing and use. It introduces the reader to the body environment and to the mechanical, chemical, electrochemical and biological processes that are responsible to the degradation of biomaterials. The outcomes of degradation are discussed in detail. Different failure mechanisms such as corrosion, fatigue, wear, infection and calcification are reviewed, together with experimental techniques for monitoring them. Procedures for implant retrieval and failure analysis are presented. The degradation of a wide spectrum of materials is reviewed, from several kinds of metals to various polymers and composites. A variety of medical devices is analyzed, including hip and knee prostheses, dental implants, permanent and absorbable stents, heart valves, inferior vena cava filters, breast implants,
ophthalmic implants, intrauterine devices, and drug delivery devices.

The book is available on-line for purchase