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Exponent Engineers Team Up With Menlo Park Fire Department


November 21, 2012

Menlo Park Fire Department (MPFD) has teamed up with Exponent to come up with an analytical approach for fighting modern day fires.  MPFD Chief Harold Schapelhouman and Exponent's Abid Kemal were interviewed by the local San Franicisco CBS affiliate on how Exponent is assisting the fireman battle hotter house fires. Exponent's thermal sciences practice also put together a live burn which was featured in the report.

Historically, Fire Departments have relied on 'tribal knowledge' to guide their firefighting techniques. Firefighters have typically learned about techniques such as ventilation and water usage from the previous generation of firefighters. Combustibles found in modern day homes can have different burn characteristics requiring re-evaluation of some of the traditional approaches and when to use them. The MPFD has worked with Exponent's thermal sciences practice over many years to better understand fire growth behavior in modern structures and has used this understanding to update their firefighting techniques in the hopes of reducing civilian and firefighter injuries and fatalities.

Click here to read the synposis of the article and view the video of demonstration.