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Exponent Environmental Perspectives Newsletter - NRDA Special Edition


January 14, 2011

Exponent is pleased to feature a special edition of the Environmental Perspectives Newsletter providing analysis and management recommendations by our NRDA experts regarding three important emerging trends in natural resource damage assessment (NRDA).

In the first article, “NRDA Baseline ‘But for …?’” Dr. Rick Bodishbaugh reviews current trends and provide recommendations regarding one of the most critical components of an NRDA assessment, establishing a defensible baseline condition. The concept of service-level baseline is simultaneously one of the most fundamentally important and most frequently misinterpreted components of NRDA.

Ms. Johanna Salatas and Dr. Pieter Booth evaluate the challenges and benefits of early restoration and cooperative assessments in the second piece entitiled, “Considerations for Early Restoration and Cooperative Assessments in the NRDA Process.“ They evaluate expedited restoration-based settlement and settlement up-front as emerging approaches in the NRD arena, as well as key issues that should be considered by PRPs prior to undertaking early restoration to settle NRDA claims.

In the final piece, “The Environmental Liability Directive: The European Counterpart to U.S. Natural Resource Damages Regulations,” Dr. Nicholas Gard reviews similarities between the NRD regulations in the United States and the Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/EC (ELD) in the European Union. The tools applied and lessons learned from U.S. NRD cases provide valuable management strategies when addressing ELD cases in a business climate focused on globalization.

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