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Exponent Playing Key Role in This Week's Materials and Processes for Medical Device (MPMD) Conference


August 7, 2011

Dr. Brad James, Director of Exponent's Materials Science and Corrosion Practice, is Co-Chair of This Week's Materials and Processes for Medical Device (MPMD) Conference and Exposition being held in Minneapolis.  MPMD has established itself as an important venue for the discussion of materials science and engineering related to medical devices -- innovations in designs of medical devices using metallic and biodegradable plastics, bioactive ceramics, nanomaterials and biocompatible alloys.  Dr. James is also chairing a session entitled "Fatigue Life and Durability of Medical Devices Session I" on Tuesday, August 9th.

A number of Exponent engineers and scientists are presenting at this meeting.  Exponent is also participaing in the exposition.

The following Exponent-authored papers will be presented this week's at the conference:

"Why Are Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators and Pacemakers Being Revised Today?",   authored by Ms. Josa A. Hanzlik (intern) , Dr. Jasmine D. Patel , Dr. Jorge A. Ochoa, Exponent, Dr. Yakov P. Shkolnikov, Dr. Quinn C. Horn, and Dr. Steve M. Kurtz.

"Effect of Cyclic Loading and Strain Rate on Nitinol Stress/Strain Prediction in the Clinically Relevant Strain Range". authored by Dr. Paul Briant , Mr. Ryan Siskey,  Dr. Sarah Easley, and Dr. Brad James.

More information on the conference can be found here.