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Exponent Presenting at Lifesavers Conference


March 26, 2009

Exponent Scientist Tiffani Fordyce will be presenting two posters at the Lifesavers Conference in Nashville, TN, March 29 to April 1, 2009.

Lifesavers is the premier national highway safety meeting in the United States dedicated to reducing the tragic toll of deaths and injuries on our nation's roadways. The conference addresses a wide range of safety topics, from child passenger safety and occupant protection, to roadway and vehicle safety and technology. It offers the latest information on advances in highway safety, highlights successful programs ,and draws attention to emerging safety issues.

Both posters focus on cellular phone use while driving.

Using State Crash Data to Assess the Risk of Cell Phone Use While Driving

Discusses why assessing the actual crash risk associated with cellular phone use while driving is proving to be difficult. The majority of states do not collect information regarding the role of cellular phone involvement in crashes on Police Crash Reports (PCRs). In the 23 states that do code this information, the data collection just began in recent years. It is also necessary to consider the quality of the available information as cellular phone use is likely underreported in crash databases for a variety of reasons.

Characterization of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Cell Phone Use in New York

We examined 4 years of crash data (2002-2005) for New York to identify crashes where cell phone use was coded as a contributing cause. There were, on average, around 250 of these crashes per year. These crashes were analyzed to determine vehicle, demographic, and environmental characteristics commonly involved in crashes where cellular phone use was a factor.

Co-authors on both posters are: Michael Kelsh, PhD and Edmund Lau.