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Exponent Presents on the Topic of Green/Sustainable Building


May 18, 2009

Exponent’s Green/Sustainable Building Team, in particular Senior Managing Scientist Dave Dahlstrom, have given several recent presentations on the topic of Green Building.

“Green Building: The Who, What, and Why”

Presented at WDTL 2009 Annual Construction Law Conference-Seattle, WA., February 26, 2009 and OADC 2009 Annual Construction Law Conference-Portland, OR, March 20, 2009


Green/Sustainable Building is the process of design, construction, operation, and maintenance of residential, commercial, and institutional structures in an ecological and resource-efficient manner. The intent is to construct and maintain these structures in a manner that limits adverse impact upon the environment; assures greater efficiencies in energy and water use; relies more heavily upon the use of renewable natural resources and recycled materials; lowers waste generation and controls pollution. Green/sustainable building is intended to provide the benefit of healthy indoor environments, where occupants realize improvements in productivity and comfort than that experienced in traditional building structures. Spurred on by the high cost of energy and the increasing adverse impact of development on ecosystems, natural resources, public health, and welfare, the “Green” movement is now embraced by public interests, government entities at all levels, and the design-construct-manage business communities. This presentation focuses on the economic and social motivations to building “Green,” the rating systems currently in use to certify “Green” Buildings at specific performance levels, and the basic areas of evaluation and focus in the design, construction, and operation of “Green/Sustainable” Buildings.

“Building Your Green Team” Owner, Manager, O&M Green Team Skills

Presented at the National Apartment Association’s 1st Annual Green Conference and Exhibition, Phoenix, AZ., April 28-29, 2009

Abstract: Going Green involves confronting major social and economic decisions regarding the relationship between people-environment-profit (the so-called “triple bottom line’) and the built environment. Achieving the many benefits that result from application of the “Green/Sustainable” building approach requires renewed focus on building design-construction and operational skills, practices, and controls. This presentation provides useful insights into the motivation and incentives for “Green Building” and focuses on the management and operational skill sets necessary to obtain and maintain asset value of your Green Building investment.

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