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Exponent Scientists Author New Nutrition Study


November 15, 2011

Mary Murphy, MS, RD, and Leila Barraj, DSc., in Exponent's Center for Chemical Registration and Food Safety, are lead authors on a study recently published on-line in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association . The study sponsored by the Nutrilite Health Institute of Amway found that for five selected phytonutrients, a single food source contributed the majority of phytonutrient intake. Phytonutrients are natural, plant-derived compounds, that may provide health benefits, including reduced risk for some age-related chronic health conditions. The four fruits and vegetables are carrots, strawberries, tomatos and oranges.

The research found significantly higher intake of several phytonutrients among adults who met dietary recommendations for fruit and vegetable servings. Women and older adults were more likely to get the recommended fruit and vegetable servings, according to the findings, but nearly all Americans fell short. The abstract and link to the study can be found on-line (registration required).