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Exponent Staff Awarded 1st Place at Hazard Communication Conference


April 30th, 2010

A poster, co-authored by Sunil Lakhiani and Steve Arndt of the Human Factors Practice, was awarded first place at the Society of Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) Spring 2010 meeting (April 13-14, New Orleans). "Use only with adequate ventilation" is a commonly used phrase that has been criticized as being vague and unclear. This poster discusses the technical limitation to presenting a more explicit instruction, along with OSHA’s interpretation and Human Factors literature that supports the adequacy of the current adequate ventilation phrase. Several SCHC members expressed that they have come across similar criticism for the phrase and expressed support for the discussion on the poster.
SCHC is a professional society with a mission to promote the improvement of chemical hazard communication and educate members on the issues and developments in the domestic and international chemical regulations and standards (including REACH, GHS, ANSI Z129.1 & Z400.1). Participants include regulatory compliance personnel, lawyers, industrial hygienists, ANSI committee, government agencies (NIOSH, EPA, international agencies), and consultants.