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Exponent to Conduct Health Study at Fort Hall Indian Reservation


January 31, 2012

Exponent will be conducting a health study to assess whether releases from an FMC plant can be tied to higher occurrences of cancer, childhood asthma and mortality on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.   The health investigation will look at four main things, whether exposure to pollution has caused increased cancer, asthma, early death or any other type of rare disease.

"I think people want to understand if the area has an increased risk associated with it due to environmental exposures. If they're at an increased risk for cancer or other diseases,” Exponent Principal Investigator Jon Fryzek said.

Our consultants would like information from anyone in Fort Hall, whether they're a member of the tribe or not.  The study's outcome really depends on support from the public.

Click here for a recent article about the study.   More detailed news can be found here.