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Exponent's Reliability Engineering Capabilities


April 12, 2011

Reliability engineering is the discipline of ensuring that a system will be reliable when operated in a specified manner. Reliability engineering is performed throughout the entire life cycle of a system, including development, testing, production, and operation.

Reliability improvement can be thought of as a process, and Exponent can provide assistance with any or all of the main elements of that process.With experience in analyzing thousands of failures, we provide unique and advanced services in performing risk and reliability assessments. The primary focus of our scientists and engineers is assisting our clients in minimizing bottom-line losses in their business or operation. Accidents, unanticipated events, and system failures are the primary causes of deferred or lost production interruptions and may lead to loss of life, injury, property damage, and undesired releases. Exponent’s multi-disciplinary staff has performed diverse technical, business-interruption, and compliance-related risk and reliability assessments for chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, and manufacturing clients worldwide.

Read more about Exponent’s reliability and risk analysis capabilities in areas including:

  • Economic Risks and Benefits
  • Operational Reliability
  • Safety Hazards
  • Product Quality
  • Continuous Improvement