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Upcoming Seminar: Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation

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10/26/2009 8:00 AM - 10/29/2009 4:30 PM
The seminar will be held at Exponent's Test and Engineering Center.

Dr. Jeff Colwell, Principal Engineer in the Thermal Sciences Practice, will be presenting a three-day course entitled "Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation" at the Exponent Test and Engineering Center, October 26-29, 2009.  The seminar is sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers

Course Overview

The manner in which a motor vehicle fire is initiated and subsequently spreads is dependent on a number of complex, interdependent, phenomena including combustion kinetics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. Because the damage caused by a fire is coupled to these phenomena, damage patterns can sometimes be used to understand certain characteristics about the fire. In many cases, the goal is to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

In this highly interactive, hands-on course, participants will acquire a working knowledge of fire science and be able to use this knowledge to assess possible ignition mechanisms, evaluate burn patterns, and analyze fire spread. This seminar will also explore the interpretation and limitations of the physical evidence from a fire scene. The approach to collecting and retaining important physical evidence, and laboratory techniques to examine this evidence, will also be described. As an in-class project, participants will have the opportunity to inspect several burned vehicles, predict cause and origin and compare findings to the actual cause and origin of the fire, as shown in burn test videos.

Registration is required.  Download the attachment for more information.