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Holiday Safety Tips for Purchasing and Playing with Toys


December 14, 2010

In November, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released their Top Three Tips for a Safer Holiday Toy Shopping and Playing Experience. The news shares some good information regarding how regulatory safeguards, along with safety-conscious steps taken by many toy makers and sellers, have contributed to a dramatic decline in toy recalls. This is very good news for everyone.

The CPSC also released new injury assessment data which indicates that “toy-related injuries are increasing…Frequently these injuries involved lacerations, contusions, and abrasions that most often occurred to a child's face and head. Importantly many of the incidents were associated with, but not necessarily caused by, a toy.”

The top three tips provide good information for what safety issues to think about when buying toys for children this holiday season. The website also provides a valuable safety video and information on the new CPSC study regarding injuries (PDF)

More information on Exponent’s services in child product safety assessment can be found here.

Have a safe holiday season!