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Hybrid Model for UHMWPE Now Available as Freeware Download


January 15, 2009

Exponent is pleased to make the following LS-DYNA3D user subroutine for the hybrid model for download free of charge. The hybrid model is a material model that was developed for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) used in total joint replacements. This model has been validated for conventional and highly crosslinked UHMWPE, including 2nd-generation highly crosslinked UHMWPE. Information about the development and use of the Hybrid model has appeared in the open literature. Exponent has decided to release a free LS-DYNA3D user subroutine for the Hybrid Model under a General Public License.  The user subroutine is also made available for download free of charge on the Exponent website for use by the orthopedic research community. This implementation is documented in a conference paper, which is also available on www.uhmwpe.org.  Exponent provides the user subroutine “AS IS” on our site. Any use of this program is entirely at the user’s own risk. Any output from this program is intended for informational, research and evaluation purposes only.

For more information, contact Dr. Steve Kurtz.

Future Development of the Hybrid Model

With the public release of the user subroutine, it is hoped that the Hybrid model will continue to evolve and be developed by the international research community. At the present time, ongoing development of the model is being performed by Erin Oneida under the guidance of Professor Tony Ingraffea at Cornell University and Professor Anton Bowden at Brigham Young University. They hope to establish a user support site for the Hybrid model so that developers have a forum to post future versions of the code (such as an ABAQUS version).

Bergstrom J, Bowden A, Oneida E. Hybrid model version HMV3.

Freeware version date: December 3, 2008.

Website address: /hybrid_model/.

Site established on January 15, 2009.