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Labeling and Warning for Engineered Nanomaterials Products


November 23, 2011

Exponent consultants recently authored a paper for the BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter entitled, “Labeling and Warning for Products Containing Engineered Nanomaterials: Learning From the Past or We Are Doomed to Repeat It.”

The creation of a proper product label, warning, and/or instruction for nanomaterials is a multi-faceted process, which requires expert consideration of material toxicity data, product use information, the law, and human behavior, say authors William S. Rogers Jr., Joseph A. Clark, Joyce S. Tsuji, David L. Dahlstrom, and Steven R. Arndt, in this BNA Insight. The authors—attorneys and scientists—discuss the adequacy of warnings in connection with nanomaterial products, and how to craft a proper warning.

You can download the article (PDF) here.