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Power Interruption Coverage and Electrical Engineering Issues - Lessons from Superstorm Sandy


February 19, 2013

Dr. Alex Kattamis, Managing Engineer, in Exponent's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Practice in New York, will be presenting on the topic "Power Interruption Coverage and Electrical Engineering Issues" at the Harris Martin program entitled Superstorm Sandy Insurance Coverage Litigation Conference.  The one-day conference will be held on February 26th in New York City.


Wind and water due to Superstorm Sandy caused extensive and sustained power outages throughout the Northeastern United States. In the aftermath there was an immediate need to safely restore power while investigating root causes of various power system component failures. Knowledge of the functionality and failure modes, due to wind and water, of key electrical components of the grid is important in such investigations because it provides an engineering basis for determining the cause of a specific loss. This talk will provide an introduction to the major components of electrical power grid including power generation and customer equipment. Components reliabilities, indications of damage and remediation methods will also be discussed.