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Should Your Kids Take Vitamins?


May 8, 2012

Dr. Nicolas Stettler, Senior Managing Scientist in Exponent's Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety, was recently interviewed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer about whether children should take vitamins. A former member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition, he has more than two decades of experience as a pediatrician and epidemiologist in the scientific and clinical aspects of nutrition, in particular as they relate to child health, obesity, and associated cardiovascular risk factors. 


"It probably doesn't hurt them," Stettler said, but "most kids who get them are the ones where the families are more interested in health and have a healthier diet than the general population."


The article notes that many doctors who have been traditionally against vitamins for kids have begun to say that most children do need to take a Vitamin D supplement. As of 2008, the AAP's recommended daily dose is 400 international units, or IU, for children.


To read the entire article, click here.   For more information on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, see their website.