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Solar Energy


August 18, 2010

Solar technologies can be broadly characterized as active or passive, depending on the way the sun’s energy is captured and converted into a usable form for consumption. Active solar technology includes equipment that directly converts the sun’s energy into electricity (photovoltaic panels), while passive solar techniques include such options as orienting a building relative to the sun’s rays or selecting materials with light-dispersing properties.

Exponent has an experienced team of scientists and engineers who have solar energy knowledge and expertise. Enhancing their experience, team members regularly contribute to the development of related technologies in generation, transmission, and storage of solar energy. Additionally, Exponent’s team has a large base of knowledge, experience, and expertise related to semiconductor devices, electronic infrastructures, control mechanisms, and systems applications. Exponent also provides consulting for solar-energy-related health, environment, and regulatory issues, including:

  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Electrical Systems
  • Health and Environmental Aspects manufacturing and disposal

Read more about our unique expertise, which addresses the health and environmental aspects of solar panel manufacturing and disposal.