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Our multidisciplinary organization of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants performs in-depth investigations in more than 90 technical disciplines. We analyze failures and accidents to determine their causes and to understand how to prevent them. We evaluate complex human health and environmental issues to find cost-effective solutions.

Our integrated approach offers a multifaceted perspective that leads to insight, revelation, and innovative solutions that produce bottom-line results. By introducing a new way of thinking about an existing situation, we assist clients to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.







Corporate Overview (PDF)

Atmospheric Sciences

The Atmospheric Sciences staff at Exponent provides consulting services in air quality and atmospheric sciences. Our staff specializes in air quality and meteorological modeling, permitting, and licensing. We investigate accidental releases of chemicals to the atmosphere, simulate transport and fate of chemical substances, and develop measures of prevention and control, such as emergency preparedness and response. Areas of air quality modeling include: industrial plumes, dense gases, photochemical reactions, mobile sources, forest fires, explosions, radioactive releases, and odors. Our atmospheric scientists work closely with chemical engineers, combustion specialists, atmospheric modelers, and thermal and process engineers to predict and evaluate the dispersion of air emissions. We also work with Exponent’s risk assessors to evaluate health risks posed by atmospheric releases to the ambient air and to indoor environments, as well as the health effects of air pollution.


Exponent’s Biomechanics consultants use scientific and engineering principles to analyze human motion, loading, and injury potential in a variety of transportation, industrial, and recreational settings. Whether we are investigating an accident or evaluating technologies designed to mitigate injury, we offer an unparalleled combination of experience and expertise in injury analysis and research. Our biomechanical analyses involve scientific evaluation of human movement and loading during a dynamic event, and the evaluation of that movement for purposes of assessing injury mechanics and injury potential. We examine the relationships between the forces applied to the human body, the motions of the human body, and the physical and mechanical damage to structures of the body. We also examine the relationships of these forces and motions to conditions that are diagnosed by medical personnel.

Through close interaction with our colleagues that specialize in accident reconstruction and human factors, we analyze the exposure of humans to a given loading environment, including injury potential, injury mechanics, and injury mitigation. Testing, frequently conducted with crash test dummies, can be used as confirmation or demonstration of our biomechanical analysis. Using this multidisciplinary approach and adhering to the scientific method, we are able to determine how and when a documented injury occurred during an incident, or whether a claimed injury is consistent with the exposure to a certain mechanical environment.

Injury Analysis

Biomedical Engineering

Exponent’s Biomedical Engineering practice supports clients across many medical specialties and product sectors by developing robust scientific methodologies and protocols to characterize and evaluate the performance of biomaterials, biological tissues, and medical devices. Our staff applies engineering and scientific principles to assist clients throughout the total product lifecycle. Our well-equipped laboratories and computational modeling capabilities enable our team to perform preclinical testing, numerical modeling, and failure analysis.

As part of regulatory compliance, we perform preclinical testing and formulate a comprehensive regulatory strategy, conduct design verification and validation, and perform design and manufacturing failure analyses, recall management, and medical device explant analysis. In addition, our staff performs data analyses of healthcare and electronic medical record databases to assist our clients in market research, clinical outcomes research, risk factor identification, and cost-effectiveness modeling. Our expertise has been utilized in product liability and intellectual property litigation, as well as in support of technology acquisition and due diligence matters. In collaboration with engineers and scientists across other disciplines at Exponent, we offer a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary approach to examine complex technical issues in the medical device sector.

Our consultants have earned graduate and doctorate-level degrees in various scientific and engineering fields. Our team is active in the research, publication, and presentation of scientific studies relevant to timely topics for medical devices. Members of our group serve on various expert panels convened by professional societies, industry coalitions, and regulatory agencies, and are also involved in the development of industry standards.



Buildings & Structures

With almost 50 years of experience in the buildings and structures community, Exponent's team of architects and engineers investigates failures of the built environment and provides recommendations to help prevent failures. Our consultants have a broad range of experience that includes buildings, bridges, cranes, industrial structures, nuclear facilities, temporary structures used in construction, and other special structures. Our long history assisting clients includes working closely with developers, building and facility owners, transportation departments, engineers and architects, contractors and construction managers, insurance firms and sureties, manufacturers of building components, and their attorneys.

We provide clients with in-depth investigations of complex problems, and develop independent findings that have a sound technical basis. When remedial work is required, we develop appropriate cost-effective solutions. Our consultants are able to present the results of complex investigations in simple terms that can be readily understood by laypersons.

A representative sample of the types of services Exponent provides includes identification of construction defects; damage assessment due to hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters; building envelope studies; evaluation of material performance; structural health monitoring; and cause and origin studies analyses.  We often are on-site to investigate construction accidents within hours of the actual failure.  Our cause and origin evaluation involves determining the technical cause(s) and contributing factors to the failure, and often include evaluating the roles and responsibilities of architects,  engineers, and other parties involved in the design and construction process. We also conduct peer reviews for complex structures.

The Buildings and Structures practice works closely with other Exponent consultants, such as geotechnical engineers and geologists, schedule and cost consultants, electrical and mechanical engineers, metallurgical and corrosion engineers, fire protection professionals, and visual communication professionals.

Chemical Regulation & Food Safety

Exponent’s Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety specializes in timely, high-quality, creative, and practical solutions to problems that affect our clients' ability to conduct business globally. Our experienced staff includes both technical and regulatory consultants who are experienced in dealing with foods, food safety, and nutrition, and with pesticide and non-pesticide products, including conventional chemicals, biochemicals, agrichemicals, microbials, antimicrobials, consumer products, and products of biotechnology.

Chemical Regulation & Technical Support

Food Safety, Nutrition & Regulatory Support

Civil Engineering

To address the diversity of geo-related challenges faced by our clients, Exponent provides its clients with uniquely broad expertise in geotechnical engineering, geology and engineering geology. Exponent’s team addresses a host of geo-failures including landslides, foundation and retaining-wall failures, underground pipeline distress, floods, and earthwork construction claims. In the area of water resources, Exponent’s expertise includes the application of proven hydrologic, hydraulic, hydrodynamic, and sediment transport principles and practices. Our engineers and scientists have an exceptionally deep range of expertise in failure analyses that provides our clients with in-depth investigations of geo-failures, mitigation of their effects, and measures to prevent recurrence. We leverage this expertise in the evaluation of failures, to analyze systems and recommend measures to prevent failures, and through in-depth third-party reviews and risk assessments. Exponent also serves the design and construction industries by providing project consulting, risk analysis, claim evaluation, strategic planning, and dispute resolution services.

The main strength of our Civil Engineering practice is the experience and knowledge of our engineers and geologists. Our consultants have earned master’s- and doctorate-level degrees in various engineering fields, including geology, civil and environmental, geotechnical, ocean, and water resources. Our team includes registered professional civil engineers, professional geotechnical engineers, professional geologists, and certified engineering geologists. Additionally, our team has extensive publication records and speaks on various university campuses and at industry-focused events. We operate from offices throughout the United States and also serve international clients and locales.


Water Resources


Exponent services the construction and aerospace & defense industries by providing project advisory, risk analysis, strategic planning, dispute resolution, and financial damages services. Our multi-disciplined staff, which includes engineers, architects, construction managers, accountants, and technical specialists, provides these services to both the public and private sectors on projects ranging from complex construction projects to the development and production of aerospace & defense systems.

Construction Services

Dispute Resolution Services

Defense Technology Development

Exponent’s Technology Development practice helps our Department of Defense clients stay current with and benefit from rapidly evolving civilian technologies. Drawing on our multidisciplinary engineering, testing, and failure analysis and prevention expertise, we identify and leverage the best in COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) technologies to create integrated combat systems and modules cost-effectively, without sacrificing reliability. Our engineers and scientists work in the field alongside Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines to ensure we understand your problems and to rapidly deliver solutions.

Ecological & Biological Sciences

Exponent's Ecological and Biological Sciences core practice helps our clients address complex environmental issues related to natural and human interactions as they impact terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Our scientists provide scientifically defensible solutions and strategic support on complex ecological issues involving contamination, natural resource management, land use, sustainability and restoration of resources, and risks of technologies and products to the environment. We have assessed the risks posed by chemicals (e.g., organics, metals), new products (e.g., pesticides), biological stressors (e.g., invasive species), physical alterations (e.g., land use changes, wildfires), and vulnerabilities associated with climate change. Our consultants are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the development and implementation of innovative approaches and tools in ecological risk assessment, environmental risk and impact assessment, ecotoxicology, causal analysis, natural resource damage assessment (NRDA), ecological restoration, geospatial and ecological modelling, bioavailability evaluation of chemicals to human and ecological receptors.

Our practice is composed of a diverse group of professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines, including terrestrial and aquatic biology, botany, chemistry, microbiology, ecology, toxicology, genomics, fisheries, oceanography, limnology, environment and wildlife management, natural resource economics, statistics, programming, modeling, and geospatial analysis. Our consultants work closely with other Exponent practices such as the Environmental Science, Health and Engineering practices to understand the ecological and human factors in multifaceted and complex projects. Our clients recognize our interdisciplinary and holistic approach combined with detailed technical analysis to find pragmatic solutions in large, complex projects with multiple stakeholders, providing the insight needed for making strategic decisions.
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Exponent’s economic consultants apply objective economic, statistical, financial, and quantitative methods to complex issues faced by corporations, non-profits, trade associations, and governments. We specialize in science-based economic damages analysis, risk assessment, litigation support and other advisory services with a focus on energy, environmental, health impacts, and intellectual property. Exponent’s economics team is unique relative to traditional economics consulting firms because our team draws upon in-house scientific, engineering, and regulatory expertise to bring an integrated, scientific point of view to economics consulting services.

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science practice is home to a large team of highly trained engineers and scientists with qualifications from top universities, and industrial experience around the world. Our team’s expertise covers a broad range of disciplines in electrical engineering, microelectronics, computer engineering, and computer science. We perform investigations in a wide array of areas, including optics, power systems, semiconductors, consumer products, vehicles, medical devices, radio waves, software, networks, controls, and batteries—to name a few. We provide clients with detailed investigations of complex problems, to develop independent findings grounded in scientific and engineering principles.

Our capabilities include accident investigation, reliability testing, fire investigations, failure analysis, manufacturer auditing, risk analysis, computer systems forensics, cybersecurity, software design and source-code analysis, embedded systems, system design review, intellectual property analysis, and prototyping. We have used our capabilities to assist clients in a variety of projects spanning product design validation, safety reviews, cybersecurity risk analysis, vendor selection, testing strategy, ongoing reliability and quality screening, product launch support, litigation consulting (e.g., intellectual property, product liability, anti-trust), product compliance analysis, returns/recalls, failure analysis, and technology due diligence.

We have substantial experience in a variety of applications of electrical engineering and computer science. Examples include:

  • We assist clients with computational modeling, field measurements, data analysis, and visualization. We model, measure, and analyze electric and magnetic fields (radiation) at several frequency ranges, including power-line, radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma ray—for comparison to guidelines for exposure or interference, and for device analysis.
  • Where appropriate, we develop technical prototype systems to enable our investigative techniques. For instance, we have developed and used laser triangulation systems to perform non-contact, non-destructive 3D profilometry to determine surface profiles of PC boards; and fiber optic laser-based systems for various sensing modalities, such as acoustic detection and automobile self-guided transport.
  • We assist clients in the development of biometric technology through user studies. We develop testing protocols, defining relevant populations, measuring and assessing the performance of biometric technologies, and conducting final data analysis for algorithm development.
  • We investigate electric shock and electrocution incidents. We scientifically evaluate all of the evidence and facts to determine the body current path, magnitude, and duration and compare them to scientific literature about the physiological response of the human body.
  • We analyze hardware and software design and source code to evaluate intellectual property. We analyze design and source code embodied in a variety of programming languages and environments across a wide range of application areas, including automotive systems, computer networking and Internet-based systems, medical devices, and semiconductors. Additionally, we evaluate patent validity and infringement, copyright infringement, and trade secret misappropriation.

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Exponent combines unparalleled technical expertise with the ability to respond rapidly and to focus this knowledge in extremely short time frames. We provide our clients with a team of engineering, construction, environmental, risk, and health specialists that is unique in the energy industry. We offer a range of services—from in-depth research and analysis to rapid-response evaluations, providing our clients with the critical information required for day-to-day or long-term strategic decisions.

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Coal, Gas & Oil

Electric Power

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Engineering Management Consulting

The Engineering Management Consulting practice (EMC) helps clients address business-driven issues that are technical in nature, and where it is critical to have a deep understanding of business issues, technical issues, and how they relate to each other. As such, all EMC consultants have both engineering and business expertise. EMC consultants routinely address issues such as risk management, asset management, reliability planning, technology planning, business planning, business operations, capital budgeting, and economic analysis.

Utility Services – EMC has extensive experience in both electric and gas utility issues. Our services include major event investigations, rate case support, regulatory compliance, system reliability, infrastructure hardening, aging infrastructure management, infrastructure integrity management, system planning, capital spending justification, smart grid, renewable energy, OT/IT convergence, litigation support, and many more.

Process Industry Services – EMC also has extensive experience in process industry reliability and risk management, with a focus on the investigation and prevention of accidents. This includes analyses of the existing state using techniques such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Preliminary Hazards Analysis (PHA), Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), reliability, root cause, fault tree, event tree, and Bayesian uncertainty. It also includes mitigation analyses including process risk mitigation, new technology adoption, and human factors.

Environmental & Earth Sciences

Our environmental scientists and engineers provide cost-effective, scientifically defensible and realistic assessments and solutions to complex environmental issues. We offer technical, regulatory and litigation support to industries that include oil and gas, mining and minerals, chemicals, forest products, railroads, aerospace, and trade associations, and to municipal and government clients. Our consultants specialize in the areas of environmental fate and transport, environmental chemistry and forensics, hydrogeology, air toxics, modeling and monitoring, water quality and water supply, data analytics, remediation consulting, environmental engineering and waste management, climate impacts, and evaluation of environmental and social risks. Our work often involves complex and high visibility environmental problems and issues, often the focus of environmental or toxic tort claims, where evaluation of contamination and historical reconstruction of events, releases, and doses, as well as water resource issues are central to problem resolution. We provide strategic and advisory consulting on risk mitigation, planning, and regulatory issues.

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Epidemiology & Computational Biology

Exponent’s Center for Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Computational Biology encompasses a wide range of activities that include not only traditional epidemiological and statistical analyses, but also modeling of complex disease processes for health care analytics. Exponent epidemiologists and biostatisticians apply epidemiologic methods to address complex health issues in a variety of settings. We design, conduct, and analyze occupational and environmental studies to evaluate the health effects of community and workplace exposures. Our team performs quantitative and qualitative state-of-the-art reviews and meta-analyses of epidemiologic research for a particular disease and/or exposure agent. Additionally, we have considerable expertise in health care analytics, health economics and outcomes research, regulatory science, disease surveillance, and clinical trials modeling and simulation.

Our team of consultants includes well-known, senior researchers with substantial experience in epidemiology, biostatistics, quantitative outcomes research, and database management. Our scientists come with a diverse background in the pharmaceutical and health care provider industries, academia, and government organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In addition, our consultants are extensively published and have served on numerous scientific advisory boards. Our research scientists and epidemiologists work alongside other scientists at Exponent who have in-depth expertise in clinical medicine, exposure assessment, toxicology, and biomechanics.

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Human Factors

Human factors is the scientific discipline concerned with the interactions of humans with products, with their environment, and within processes. As such, it applies knowledge about human capabilities and limitations to the investigation of accidents, to the mitigation of hazards, and to the design of products. Individual factors include cognition, attention, perception, memory, and decision-making; body size, strength, and dexterity; and the ability and willingness to process and react to information. Potential influences on human behavior include such factors as visibility, sound levels, and disclosures of all manner; for example, warning labels and other manufacturer-generated or -provided materials. The application of human factors spans a wide range of different and diverse industries, such as transportation (e.g., automotive, aviation, rail), medical and pharmaceutical, industrial (e.g., construction equipment, process control rooms), consumer products (e.g., electronics, child products), food, and clothing.

Exponent’s human factors staff holds Ph.D.-level degrees in a variety of disciplines including experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, industrial and systems engineering, and kinesiology. We have extensive experience examining issues related to human performance, user experience, and ergonomics, and we use this experience to investigate a wide array of scenarios such as automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, train/railroad, and trucking accidents; alleged medical device- or medication-related injuries; industrial and occupational accidents; injuries associated with consumer products; and trip-and-fall incidents. We also leverage this experience in the evaluation of, and consulting for, products under development; for example, in the context of FDA medical device, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic approval or clearance, or in the development of product labeling. In doing so, we utilize such methods as usability tests, label comprehension tests, analysis of large databases, hazard/risk analyses, observations, online surveys, focus groups, user interviews, eye tracking, balance testing, and others.

Identity & Security

Exponent is a recognized leader in the testing and evaluation of technology and products used for identification, identity management, and security. We provide a wide range of services to improve the capability and reliability of identification devices, smartcards, equipment, and processes. We offer testing, design analysis, reliability studies, performance assessment, failure analysis, and engineering support. Our multidisciplinary team has the capabilities needed to serve industries such as airlines, banking, gaming, government, health care, hotels, retail, travel and entertainment, and vending.

Information Resources

The Information Resources team assists Exponent consultants in understanding the scientific puzzles they are working to solve, and extends this technical research expertise directly to our clients by providing a focused survey of peer-reviewed and authoritative technical literature indexed by leading commercial publishers, both in print and online.
We have a library of technical publications; materials not readily available in the collection are obtained via interlibrary loan (using national and international libraries as needed), specialized document providers, or direct contact with authors. Specific document-related research can be applied to those materials not easily identified because of cryptic bibliographic data or limited distribution.

Materials & Corrosion Engineering

Exponent’s Materials & Corrosion Engineering staff are uniquely suited to investigate and understand materials issues in medical, electronics, transportation, infrastructure, oil and gas, power generation, marine, and other applications. Because our staff can combine broad expertise with that of our mechanical, civil/structural, electrical, and chemical engineers, as well as statisticians, chemists, and polymer scientists, we can provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to complex problem solving. Working in the consulting, product-development, and litigation-support arenas, Exponent assists clients over a diverse range of industries. Our wide view of materials issues spanning many industries and applications provides value to our clients in our ability to quickly and accurately solve complicated problems.

Exponent’s Materials and Corrosion Engineering staff hold professional licenses in metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, corrosion, and chemical engineering. Collectively, our metallurgists, polymer and corrosion scientists, electrochemists, and ceramists have many years of experience in the prevention and analysis of material failures. As a result of this close familiarity with all types of materials, our scientists and engineers have a unique ability to provide advice on how to avoid problems early in the design cycle, when materials are being selected.

Mechanical Engineering

Since the company’s inception as Failure Analysis Associates, the Mechanical Engineering practice at Exponent have specialized in both analyzing and preventing failures. The Mechanical Engineering practice has over 40 consultants across the United States who analyze how failures occur in mechanical systems, processes, and products, or why they may occur in the future. Our consultants hold both advanced degrees and Professional Engineering licenses, and use tools such as stress analysis, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computer Aided Design (CAD), and mechanical testing to evaluate the forces and factors affecting products and systems.

In recent years, our engagements have expanded to include the predictive, the preventive, and the proactive. We assist our clients in:

  • Reducing the risk of failure in the future.
  • Increasing the efficiency, reliability and/or effectiveness of the system, process or product.
  • Protecting intellectual property.

Exponent has developed a reputation for approaching these inquiries in a multidisciplinary manner that is a natural result of a complex world that demands the skills of technical and scientific specialists working collaboratively. The expertise embodied within the Mechanical Engineering practice provides the foundation for this multidisciplinary approach.

The markets and industries we serve are diverse because our core strength is first understanding and then solving complex issues. We do not offer “commoditized” solutions to industry-specific problems, but rather address issues across a variety of industries.

Medical Devices

Exponent provides the highest quality technical, regulatory, safety assessment, epidemiological, and health economics services to assist our clients with issues related to traditional and combination medical devices. We specialize in pre-clinical strategy and evaluation, design verification and validation, risk management, recall management, and medical device retrieval analysis. In addition, our staff can perform analysis of clinical outcomes for medical devices using administrative claims databases. Our unique range of skills and experience helps our clients maximize the value of their research and development efforts in bringing innovative medical devices to the market. Exponent provides a matrix of multidisciplinary services to the medical device industry and we can help you navigate the complex product development process in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, providing expertise across all facets of the product realization continuum, from idea to regulatory submission. Our expertise is also utilized in technology acquisition and due diligence matters. We specialize in providing rapid, focused, market-sensitive solutions to complex medical device issues.

Medical Devices Services Matrix / Exponent’s Medical Device Industry Services Handout
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Medical Device Bulletin

Medical Devices

Occupational & Environmental Health Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a systematic process for analyzing information on exposure and effects of toxic agents and other environmental hazards to assess the likelihood of adverse effects to health and safety of individuals and populations (i.e., health risks) potentially exposed to such agents. The process integrates information regarding whether a particular chemical is, or is not, casually linked to a particular health effect (hazard identification); the relation between the magnitude of exposure and the probability of occurrence of the health effect (dose-response or toxicity assessment); the route, duration and magnitude of exposure (exposure assessment); and the characterization of the nature and magnitude of health risk (risk characterization).

Risk assessments are used in a variety of contexts, including evaluating potential impacts of exposure to chemicals associated with consumer products, occupational settings, or specific contaminated sites, and in developing risk-based criteria to protect workers and the public. The risk assessment process is of necessity highly interdisciplinary to address complex health issues, and draws from diverse fields such as biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, environmental sciences, industrial hygiene, mathematical modeling, medicine, public health, statistics, and toxicology.

Exponent’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Risk Assessment is composed of an interdisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, and engineers who have decades of experience assisting clients address and evaluate complex workplace and environmental health and safety questions. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in risk assessment methodologies and related analyses that critical components of many workplace practices and environmental regulatory decisions. Exponent’s consultants conduct site assessments to evaluate potential exposures to chemical, biological, and physical hazards in all types of media—air, water, food, and environmental surfaces. Our clients request site assessments for regulatory purposes, including compliance with OSHA regulations and California Proposition 65 reporting requirements, chemical spills or emergencies, and for litigation purposes. Our specialists in Occupational and Environmental medicine have diverse corporate and clinical backgrounds, and have specialty training in environmental and occupational medicine, as well as clinical toxicology, that allows them to provide health consultation and related support services to companies and institutions around the world. We have collectively worked on thousands of cases of possible occupational exposures, safety investigations, and compliance investigations and have a broad array of experience on projects that cover the full range of occupational settings.

Official CALPUFF Web Site

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Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry

Exponent’s Healthcare Analytics & Solutions staff has experience with helping large and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies find solutions to their problems by combining innovative technologies and methods with deep bio-pharmaceutical understanding and technical and strategic expertise. Whether you need expertise to support a core business function or solve a highly complex and specific problem, we know the fundamentals and possess the ability to go beyond conventional approaches as needed to solve your hardest problems and generate maximum value for your enterprise. Exponent scientists have extensive experience in analytics methods and the application of these methods to a wide range of applied and research health studies. Our team members hold advanced degrees in quantitative and healthcare related fields and draw from a wealth of expertise to apply innovative analytic techniques that solve our clients’ hardest problems.

Core Services

Related Services

Polymer Science & Materials Chemistry

Exponent’s Polymer Science and Materials Chemistry Practice (PSMC) is composed of scientists and engineers who focus on innovative, multidisciplinary solutions for materials, processes, and products starting at the atomic level. We apply our core competencies in chemistry, polymer science, and materials engineering and to support Exponent’s diverse external client base directly and in collaboration with other Exponent practices.

Exponent has a wide range of expertise in chemistry and macromolecular science. Our scientists and engineers provide technical expertise in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, surface and polymer science, and related products and manufacturing systems. Our expertise in natural and synthetic plastics, rubbers, adhesives, textiles, coatings, and composite systems includes a fundamental understanding of all aspects of chemistry, structure, processing, properties, and uses. Our engineers and scientists provide technical expertise that spans a variety of polymeric materials, product forms, formulations, and manufacturing processes across a broad array of industries.

Our expertise in materials chemistry includes electrochemistry, plasma chemistry, transport properties, nanomaterials, MEMS, thin film technologies, battery science, and the optimization of high value chemically-based processes. Our engineers and scientists solve problems involving various battery cell technologies, semiconductors, metal films, dielectrics, polymers, materials processing, catalysis, trace contaminant identification, pharmaceutical process chemistry, and interfacial chemistry.

Statistical & Data Sciences

Our Statistical & Data Sciences staff comprise the company’s core capabilities in statistical methodology and offers its expertise to serve clients at any and all stages of the empirical research process. Through analysis and synthesis of client-supplied data, combined with information from public sources, we help clients measure their own risk in the context of similar risks and determine appropriate courses of action.


Statistical Services

Thermal Sciences

Exponent's Thermal Science practice provides a wide array of services ranging from addressing engineering and regulatory challenges for industry to investigating fires and explosions. Our staff have a combined experience of hundreds of man-years investigating failures involving petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas installations and consumer products as well as the causation of structural fires and explosions, wild land fires, vehicular fires, industrial fires and explosions including dust explosions. Such investigations are a core competency of the practice and often involve testing and sophisticated computer analyses using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools.

As a result of this considerable experience, the Thermal Science practice is often called upon to provide services for the purposes of ensuring that buildings and facilities are compliant with chemical, fire, and explosion safety requirements and accepted practices. Some of our proactive work includes fire protection engineering for new buildings and structures, asset integrity management in the oil and gas industry, regulatory and engineering consulting for the LNG industry, and chemical process safety and risk analysis consulting. Our team also consults on combustion systems such as boilers, heater, furnaces, and turbomachinery (gas turbines, compressors, expanders), as well as HVAC equipment. We provide dust explosion safety consulting for manufacturing facilities that handle powders and build solids. Additionally, our consultants address thermal management issues related to batteries and energy storage technology.

Our team is a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and fire protection engineering. Many of our consultants are registered professional engineers and accredited fire investigators who are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the development and implementation of innovative approaches in safety and regulatory compliance and major accident investigation and prevention. Our consultants often work closely with other Exponent practices in multidisciplinary projects to find objective solutions to complex problems.

Toxicology & Mechanistic Biology

Toxicology involves characterizing and quantifying the relationship between exposure to a substance and the nature and magnitude of effects on human health and the environment. Exponent’s comprehensive experience in toxicology, along with our global regulatory knowledge in chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices, allows us to provide critical insight in resolving important issues of toxicity and risk for a wide variety of substances and products. We evaluate the mechanisms by which a substance may affect biological systems, provide perspectives on potential effects at realistic or intended human and environmental exposure levels, and technically support strategies to mitigate risks. We develop and implement strategies to evaluate the nonclinical safety of pharmaceuticals and related products.

Exponent’s Center for Toxicology and Mechanistic Biology is recognized for our decades of experience advancing the fields of toxicology, mechanistic biology, risk assessment, drug development, and related scientific disciplines. Our breadth of experience in this field is represented by nine board-certified toxicologists among our professional staff of more than twenty in the field, most of whom have published extensively and served on various expert panels convened by professional societies, industry coalitions, and regulatory agencies. This expertise is supplemented by national and international support from Exponent’s Health Sciences Group, including professionals in general and environmental toxicology, occupational medicine, clinical toxicology, epidemiology, biostatistics, dose response and pharmacokinetic modeling, public health, and regulatory safety.

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Vehicle Engineering

Exponent’s Vehicle Engineering Practice assists clients in addressing multi-faceted issues related to accident causation, failure analysis, and vehicle design, and provides complex component and full-scale product testing. Our experienced team of consultants has technical expertise across a broad spectrum of the transportation industry including motor vehicles (e.g., passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and commercial trucks); off-road recreational vehicles and equipment; as well as marine, rail, and mining equipment. Our consultants have firsthand knowledge of the vehicle development processes for critical automotive systems and are knowledgeable in global regulatory requirements, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), and other consumer metrics. Our team conducts in-depth investigations of catastrophic accidents and develops findings that are rooted in the fundamentals of scientific and engineering principles. Exponent has gained a worldwide reputation for our ability to mobilize resources expeditiously and efficiently, integrate a broad array of technical disciplines, and quickly provide valuable engineering insight that is objective and withstands rigorous scrutiny. Exponent’s long history of providing comprehensive client assistance includes multi-disciplinary collaboration with other scientific and engineering practices including Biomechanical Engineering, Human Factors, and Statistics & Data Sciences.

A considerable asset of the Vehicle Engineering Practice is the Test and Engineering Center (TEC) in Phoenix, Arizona—a highly capable test facility that conducts quasi-static and dynamic evaluations including unique crash, sled, and component testing. Through this testing capability, we are able to analyze the distinctive and complex kinematics and dynamics of vehicles and occupants in various types of maneuvers and collisions.

The technical team at the TEC is uniquely qualified to provide the high level of support required to execute and document tests with state-of-the-art instrumentation, data acquisition, and photographic techniques. This testing can be used to demonstrate the engineering and scientific principles that govern the behavior of occupants and vehicle systems in a variety of different crash modes, such as high and low-speed vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, fixed object impacts, and rollovers. The Vehicle Engineering Practice also assists manufacturers, designers, and consultants in the evaluation and development of occupant protection and vehicle safety systems.

Exponent Qualifications (PDF)

Visual Communication

Exponent's visual communications staff combines art and science to help clients create compelling, fact-based visual displays that communicate complex subject matter, conveying important information to audiences unfamiliar with the matters at hand. Specific components include animation, graphics, multimedia, video and photography.