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Environmental / Occupational Health & Safety


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Worker Health & Safety

Pharmaceutical employers have a vested interest in maintaining worker health & safety. Because their products are intimately tied to the health care community, employers in this industry need to excel in worker safety and the systems that ensure worker and environmental protection. The benefits are clear. Employees who believe that their employer cares for their health & safety and the environment are more likely to be a positive advocate for the company and its products. As in any manufacturing setting, worker health and safety is enhanced by engaging employees in solutions to workplace health & safety issues, proactive management response, and reasoned infrastructure investments. A well-designed, comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program can also help address community concerns that can develop from pharmaceutical industry activities.

Exponent is well versed in the dynamics of health & safety within industry and specifically the dynamics unique to the pharmaceutical industry; both in the US and internationally. For example, consulting personnel have directed EHS organizations within the Pharma industry, participated at both State and National levels setting occupation exposure limits, performed epidemiological and risk assessment studies on pharmaceuticals, assessed facilities for the causation of exposures and contamination, and participated in the design of new facilities. Further, Exponent can directly support employers with:

  • Pre-exposure third party risk assessments of facilities, system audits, and efficacy of EHS management systems and practices 
  • Product containment and facility alarm systems 
  • Post exposure root cause analysis, containment, decontamination, and clearance 
  • Change management in the Pharma workplace 
  • Education, communication, and assessment of community concerns regarding environmental impacts and worker health and safety issues 
  • Long-term epidemiological studies 
  • Management, toxicological assessment, and review of new compounds and intermediates

From R&D, to manufacturing, pharmaceutical management should expect their EHS program to maintain employee and community exposures as low as reasonably achievable and reap the benefits of improved employee morale, positive community and media perceptions, and minimization of the costs associated with unexpected events.

Environmental Management of Pharmaceutical Products

As the use of pharmaceutical products increases, environmental issues resulting from the disposal of these products must be considered. Addressing these environmental issues involved multiple stakeholders including: the pharmaceutical industry, health care providers, environmental regulators and the public. The goals of environmental management in the pharmaceutical industry are to keep the concentrations of pharmaceuticals and related chemicals in our lakes, rivers, and streams at a minimum.

Exponent’s scientists and engineers have been working with a variety of clients to solve pharmaceutical environmental issues.

Exponent’s projects have included:

  • RCRA compliance support to the pharmaceutical returns industry, including drafting variance requests to allow simplified return and capture of waste pharmaceuticals 
  • Pretreatment technology evaluation to assess the efficacy of new pretreatment systems 
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • RCRA compliance assessments of manufacturing facilities 
  • Emergency management and recovery services

In providing emergency management and recovery services, Exponent’s staff of environmental emergency response, thermal, civil, electrical, and construction engineering provide comprehensive evaluation from a single consulting company for the assessment of risks to a facility from fire and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. We have developed strategies and plans to companies that would substantial reduce the impact from these disasters and allow rapid resumption of pharmaceutical research and manufacturing operations.

Multidisciplinary Consulting Services to Meet a Dynamic Industry’s Needs

As the pharmaceutical industry rapidly evolves, so will the challenges of assuring worker health and safety and minimizing the industry’s environmental impacts. Exponent environmental scientists, industrial hygienists, physicians, toxicologists, epidemiologists, and health and safety specialists track the latest scientific research and health & safety/environmental developments to provide unequalled consulting services helping clients to evaluate complex health and safety challenges.