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Exponent Scientists Chairing/Presenting at MARM 2008


May 16, 2008

Dr. Steven Carlo (Mechanical Engineering & Materials/Metallurgy Practices, Bowie) will be chairing two sessions on "Industrial Chemistry" at MARM 2008 (Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society) May 17–21, at Queensborough Community College, Bayside, NY. The first session will be dedicated to presentations of industrial research with emphasis on the applied nature of our work and how it relates to everyday life. Dr. Jason Clevenger (Mechanical Engineering & Materials/Metallurgy Practices, Natick) will present a talk entitled "A Changing World, A Changing Industry: The Role of Chemistry in Failure Analysis Consulting." There will also be speakers from the FBI, PA Consultants, Grant Industries Silicones, and Arkema. In the afternoon, Dr. Carlo will chair a panel discussion to allow students and other interested attendees to talk to the morning's speakers and find out about life in industry.