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Mechanical Design


Many of the problems tackled by Exponent’s Technology Development practice require either repackaging of COTS equipment to survive the rigors of the military environment, or novel electro-mechanical solutions. Exponent maintains the capability to design, simulate, fabricate, and test mechanical prototypes and products in-house. We also maintain close relationships with a collection of small businesses and larger vendors who are capable of either specialized manufacturing processes or much greater production volumes, ensuring our ability to quickly deliver a solution to our customers in whatever quantity that they need.


Engineers within Technology Development are able to draw on the full range of design review capabilities within Exponent – ranging from material analysis, to a full spectrum of environmental tests, to failure modes and effects analysis. By incorporating this level of design review and testing early on in the development of a new product, we ensure a high level of success with our first spiral prototypes.

Exponent’s in-house mechanical design resources include: 

  • Computer aided design and modeling
    • SolidWorks CAD design suite
    • COSMOS Motion Kinematic and Dynamic simulation
    • COSMOS Works finite element modeling
    • FeatureCAM manufacturing suite
  • Fabrication capabilities
    • Full service machine shop  
    • Full service weld shop
    • Dimension ST fused deposition modeling machine  
    • Haas VF-2 CNC machining center  
    • Over 2000 square feet of assembly area 
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive testing
    • Scanning electron microscope
    • Energy dispersive spectroscopy 
    • Real time X-Ray imaging
    • Load testing fixtures from <1g to >50,000 kg 
    • Environmental testing (temperature, shock, vibration)