Colin D. Stride, M.Sc.
Managing Scientist/Regulatory Efficacy Advisor
Chemical Regulation & Food Safety
  • Harrogate (UK)

Mr Stride specialises in the biological efficacy of Plant Protection Products. Mr Stride is an innovative project manager who develops high quality solutions to regulatory and agricultural requirements and has over 30 years of experience in the industry. He works with and for clients to develop and project manage biological test programmes of efficacy, selectivity and rotational crop studies across Europe to support submissions to regulators in the EU and also to write biological dossiers to satisfy national, zonal and European requirements.

Mr. Stride project manages programmes for clients. He compiles national and zonal dRR format biological assessment dossiers and dRR evaluation dossiers to meet the needs of Regulation 1107/2009 for Plant Protection Products for re-registration at Annex III or registration of new active substances at Annex I. He also provides advice on efficacy and trial programmes; conducts data gap analyses, identifying potential problems and solutions, drafts efficacy protocols to fit EU guidelines and good agronomic practice, and liaises closely with contract research organisations implementing trials; study monitoring and ensuring reporting standards are high.

Over his career in agriculture, Mr. Stride has worked on the research, development, registration, and commercialisation of many fungicide, seed treatment, and herbicide products, as well as registration of some insecticide products. His practical scientific and commercial knowledge and broad experience have also enabled him to develop solutions to agronomic problems; control of Take-all, annual weed control under reduced tillage, reducing costs of crop establishment and minimising soil erosion.

Mr. Stride has extensive project management experience planning and implementing novel quality efficacy trials programs both in-house and on contract, summarizing data, writing biological dossiers for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides as well as scientific papers, presentations, technical summaries, books, training and marketing material to support commercial use of products. He was awarded two worldwide Distinguished Development Awards during his career.


  • M.Sc., Technology of Crop Protection, University of Reading, UK, 1983
  • B.Sc., Biology (honours) 2.1, University of Sussex, UK, 1982


Hutcheon JA, Stride CD, Wright KJ. Manipulation of weed seed banks in reduced tillage systems for sustainable weed control. Aspects of Applied Biology 51, 1998, 249–254.

Stride CD, Wright PJ. ECOtillage: A sustainable management programme which reduces the costs of crop establishment and weed control, whilst providing environmental benefits. Proceedings, Brighton Crop Protection Conference Weeds, 1997, 453–460.

Stride CD, Edwards RV, Seddon JC. Sward destruction by application of glyphosate before cutting or grazing. British Crop Protection Conference – Weeds, 7B-6, 1985, 771–778.

Contributions to Publications

Weeds Guide – chapter ‘Soils, establishment and weeds’ (Bayer Crop Science, 2005).

Target on establishment – chapter ‘Weed control’ (SMI/ Vaderstad. 2004).

Edited and helped project manage three books:

  • Target on Establishment (SMI/ Vaderstad, 2004)
  • Conservation Tillage – a decision makers guide (Monsanto, 2002)
  • Guide to Managing Crop Establishment (SMI/ DEFRA, 2001)

Prior Experience

Biological Assessment Dossier Scientist, Chemtura Europe Ltd, 2011–2012

Technical Consultant, Self-employed, in UK and Europe, 2003– 2011

Director & Company Secretary, Soil Management Initiative Ltd, 1999–2007

Technical Services Manager, Monsanto UK plc, 1997–2002

Director & Environmental Officer, Cotswold Canals Trust Ltd, 1995–1997

Product Development Associate, Monsanto UK plc, 1989–1997

Product Development Representative, Monsanto UK plc, 1982–1989

Project Experience

Managed a portfolio of work for a major client in 2015; attending client meetings to provide detailed updates on top of regular contact, ensured aspects kept on track and to budget, co-ordinated an EU programme of 300 trials on five different products from protocol design to co-ordination with CRO’s, study monitoring and reviewing reports to ensure high quality to support data submissions. Gaining support from other team members to provide extra resource where needed to ensure client needs were met in a timely fashion.

Compiled national and zonal biological assessment dossiers and concise dRR’s for many herbicide products, fungicide products, as well as insecticidal seed treatment products.

Summarised data and scientific papers to prepare a technical regulatory dossier on the efficacy and agronomic benefits of the agricultural, industrial and amenity uses of herbicides in Europe for registration at Annex III under 91/414/EEC.

Instigated the formation of UK Soil Management Initiative Limited and with collaboration with a wide group of experts from different organisations successfully provided information, advice and promotion of good soil management practice to farmers and agronomists in the UK.

Lead cooperation to develop the reduced tillage system ECOtillage that was promoted throughout the UK to improve crop establishment, soil management and reduce costs.


  • M.Sc., Technology of Crop Protection, University of Reading, UK, 1983
  • B.Sc., Biology (honours) 2.1, University of Sussex, UK, 1982