Hugo van Nispen
Hugo K. van Nispen, MBA
Engineering Management Consulting
  • Warrenville

Mr. van Nispen is a proven senior energy executive who creates value through strategic growth, innovation, and operational excellence. Influential with a collaborative leadership style, he achieves desired outcomes through high performance teams. Mr. van Nispen brings positive energy and a focus on solutions and results. He has extensive experience in business turnaround and reengineering, customer service programs, corporate shared services, sustainable and renewable energy, emerging energy technologies (including distributed energy and energy storage), major IT programs, business development, and strategy.


  • M.B.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


  • Dutch


Brown RE, Wilson CS, van Nispen H. Becoming the utility of the future. IEEE Power and Energy Magazine Sept/Oct 2016; 14(5):57-65.

Prior Experience

  • Founder and President, 2015–2016

DNV GL Energy

  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Global Energy Advisory Services, 2013 – 2015
  • Chief Operating Officer, Division Americas (DNV KEMA), 2012 – 2013

Kema, Inc.

  • President and Chief Executive Officer, 2007 – 2012
  • Senior Vice President, Management Consulting, 2003 – 2007

 Edgar Dunn & Company

  • Managing Director, 2002 – 2003


  • Associate Partner, 2000 – 2002

CSC Index, Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Vice President and Partner, 1995 – 2000

Project Experience

Assisted a startup organization in developing strategic offerings, articulating their value proposition and acquiring funding to operate in the microgrid and distributed energy market space

Through active engagement and management, drove the post-merger integration of a large energy consulting firm with its buyer, including complete transformation of the administrative services and delivery organizations.

In conjunction with the CEO and board of a major southwestern Independent System Operator, and leveraging a public consensus centered approach, developed a comprehensive five year strategic plan for this organization.

Actively participated in driving asset management optimization at a large public entity, creating a “best-in-class” capability for this client.

Advised and participated in numerous transformation and business planning engagements to prepare clients for various aspects of smart grid adoption, including advanced metering, distribution automation, back-office optimization and strategy alignment.

Led a transformation initiative at a major Federal Power Marketing and Transmission Authority resulting in modernizing operations and realizing a net present value in excess of $800 million. This initiative focused on the entire value chain of the organization’s operations including Information Technology, Human Resources, Public Affairs, Transmission Plan, Design and Build, Transmission Operations, Asset Management, Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain. Additionally, Mr. van Nispen was instrumental in redesigning the organizational structure of this PMA to make it more responsive to its core mission.

Led an engagement to optimize Asset utilization and capital deployment at a major Midwest Investor Owned Utility. This engagement resulted in the identification of significant improvement opportunities in asset management, including field services, asset operations and asset renewal. As a direct result of this effort, the client is on a path to realize savings in excess of $500 Million in new capital spend, while simultaneously improving reliability and regulatory compliance.

Led an engagement to assess operational performance at a large Federal Transmission Entity. This assessment was broad ranging and covered Transmission and Distribution operations as well as Hydro Generation operations. In addition, the team focused extensively on corporate support functions including asset strategy, shared services infrastructure, strategic positioning and service offerings and overall back-office capabilities. As a result of these efforts, this organization moved forward with specific performance enhancement opportunities focused on substantial cost reductions and service enhancement.

Led an engagement to assess the organizational and performance effectiveness for a public power entity’s IT operations. The assessment focused on IT support operations for Distribution, and Transmission services, as well as corporate support functions. As a result of this assessment, the client reorganized IT to reduce costs and enhance overall performance.

Developed an organizational strategy to enable a state-operated international utility to effectively transition into a privatized entity capable of competing in the future market environment. At its completion, the client will receive a comprehensive transition plan including organization, process and information technology requirements necessary to effectively complete the transition.

Developed and implemented a new product growth strategy for a major southeastern utility. The first offering pursued included an innovative retail aggregation product designed to yield improved margins by significantly reducing customer acquisition and service costs.

Worked with the senior executive team of a major integrated utility to develop an integrated organizational growth strategy including domestic and international components as well as a comprehensive enabling e-commerce strategy (both B2B and B2C).

Managed a team developing an overall e-commerce strategy for a large mid-western utility facing market deregulation. The resulting strategy identified both those traditional utility services that could be made available through the Internet as well as new products and services that the utility could pursue to enhance revenues and reduce operational costs. The enterprise is currently implementing several of the resulting strategies

Working with a major southwestern energy company, developed and implemented an electronic energy trading strategy resulting in the client’s successful entry into the on-line energy marketplace. In its first year of operation, the on-line product has generated several billion dollars in incremental revenues.

Managed the overall implementation of Customer Choice in a major Western utility undergoing industry restructuring. This included development of new business practices, redesign of the organizational structure required to successfully operate in the restructured environment and integration of IT strategy necessary to deploy the desired solution.

Designed, developed and implemented the customer facing organization of a major West Coast utility in connection with a move towards open access and industry restructuring.

Managed the overall design and implementation of the functional and technical aspects of a Balanced Scorecard™ implementation at a major Southeastern Utility. This effort required gaining input and alignment amongst seven key divisional officers across a wide geographic region.

Working in collaboration with senior client management at a major southwestern combined gas and electric utility, developed a positioning strategy to anticipate and respond to major changes in the regulatory environment precipitated by industry restructuring.

Managed a team of senior executives at a major California utility to develop alignment between the Customer Service/Marketing and Distribution Operations business units, and to prepare the marketing function to properly respond to the threats and opportunities presented as a result of Direct Access.

Managed the overall implementation of Direct Access in a major Californian utility. Activities included developing the necessary processes required to seamlessly implement customer choice, alignment of strategic goals related to Direct Access, and communications between the new market participants (ESPs) and the electric utilities.

Working closely with senior management in a mid-western gas utility, developed an approach to designing and implementing a shared services organization. 

Implementation of the Shared Services model enabled the utility to substantially reduce costs while deriving additional revenues from services previously considered cost-based.
Led a team of senior executives in developing an aggressive strategic plan. The identified initiatives will result in an earnings growth rate 60% higher than previously achieved and will significantly broaden the scope of services provided by this major North American utility.

Led a client/consultant team in the design and implementation of a shared services support organization plan for a mid-western gas utility. Upon implementation, the new organization provided streamlined financial, human resources, and information technology services to both internal and external clients.

Developed a comprehensive alliance strategy, including negotiating positions, while working with senior executive management at a large North American gas utility. As an adjunct to this work, Mr. van Nispen directed the development of a comprehensive alliance partner analysis, providing the basis for inclusion or exclusion of specific partner candidates.

Led a team in developing a business plan for a new multi-product energy services business. Development of this plan required extensive focus group research and formulation of strategic and marketing plans. As part of the business planning effort, a core competence review was completed, identifying those capabilities required to successfully deliver the new products and services, and matching those to existing internal capabilities. 

Performed a comprehensive examination of the client’s internal support organization in an effort to identify those services that could be offered to external, non-regulated markets. As a result of this effort, this electric IOU was able to pursue significant, new growth opportunities.

Formulated a comprehensive business plan to commercialize an internally developed software product while working with senior management at a major, investor-owned combination utility. To effectively analyze the business opportunity, the plan included comprehensive market and product/service analysis and recommended an implementation and organizational strategy that considered internal capabilities and external competitive factors.



  • M.B.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


  • Dutch