Electromagnetic Compatability

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) encompasses both the potential interference of a device with other equipment (electromagnetic interference or EMI) as well as ability of a device to operate without interruption in the presence of outside interference (electromagnetic susceptibility or EMS). 

Exponent provides EMC, RF Systems, and Antenna Systems consulting to clients developing high-performance electronic and wireless systems and those looking for guidance in the increasingly complex framework of interoperability, industry, and regulatory requirements. Our multi-disciplinary team of electromagnetic professionals, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and technical specialists, provides these services to public, military and private sectors.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Automotive Vehicles and Subsystems
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Military Systems
  • Proactive Design Support
  • Failure Remediation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • EMC Certification Guidance: FCC, CISPR, EN, MIL-STD, DEF-STAN, SAE, IEC, RTCA, ETSI, etc.

RF Systems

Associated technical disciplines serving the EM industry include:

Exponent also has extensive in-house testing capabilities including an anechoic chamber for high-dynamic range laboratory measurements, as well as susceptibility analysis in addition to sensitive portable measurement equipment for in-situ field testing.