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Test & Engineering Center


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the Test and Engineering Center (TEC) is the setting for Exponent’s most exciting and complex tests, along with rigorous analysis of the results. Exponent’s clients have come to know the TEC as the place they prefer to go when the testing is complicated and the answers are all-important. Our 147-acre test facility includes a two-mile oval track, durability course, 10-acre skid pad, and 1,200-foot crash rail, allowing engineers to study vehicle performance and recreate collisions under virtually every condition, for vehicles ranging from bicycles to tractor-trailers. In addition, our engineers in our Technology Development area work on sophisticated off-the-shelf technologies for government clients.

Some of the more prominent vehicle test facilities include:

  • Sled 
  • Crash Rail 
  • Track/Skidpad 
  • All-Terrain Area
  • Hydraulic Loading 
  • ATD Lab 
  • CRIS/Roll Spit 
  • Inverted Drop 
  • Roller Coaster Dolly

Like every other Exponent office, we do sophisticated engineering and scientific analysis at TEC.  We also maintain several special testing facilities, including a burn facility, a battery testing site, and an ammunition/firearms range.