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TREAD - Tire Rapid Entanglement & Arresting Device


While there are a wide range of mechanisms available that allow military and law enforcement personnel to immobilize moving vehicles, current tools suffer issues with portability, selectivity, and effectiveness.

While conducting movable checkpoint operations or providing security for fixed locations, the Tire Rapid Entanglement & Arresting Device (TREAD) acts as a speed bump that can deploy an entangling net to wrap around the front wheels of a vehicle, preventing or reducing tire rotation and effectively braking the vehicle as well as impeding steering capability.

The TREAD net is housed in a portable module shaped like a speed bump consisting of four sections linked together to create an 18-foot wide speed bump. Vehicle traffic can freely traverse over the system when it is in an unarmed state. In the armed state, a synthetic net is attached to the vehicle’s tires with a series of barbed staples. The net is pulled from the speed bump housing, rapidly wraps around the tires, and arrests vehicle motion. TREAD changes from a passive speed bump to an armed state ready to deploy the entangling net at the press of a button in less than two seconds. TREAD does not have to be anchored to the ground, can be placed on unimproved surfaces, and can be set up or torn down in less than 10 minutes.


Trials conducted by an independent testing facility have shown that TREAD is capable of stopping vehicles as heavy as 65,000 lbs traveling at 30 mph in less than 200 feet using non-lethal force with minimal vehicle damage.


  • Can be set up or removed in under ten minutes without the use of tools
  • Arms and disarms from a remote location in under two seconds
  • Does not require anchors of any kind
  • Deployed in either unarmed-by-default or armed-by-default modes
  • Effectively entangles a wide range of sizes and classes of vehicles
  • Effective at stopping vehicles within an appropriate stopping distance with minimal damage to vehicle
  • Speed bump form factor slows traffic in the unarmed state
  • Can be used on unimproved surfaces
  • Operated using Mil. Spec. rechargable batteries
  • Capable of 1200 arm/disarm cycles on a single charge
  • Device may be quickly reloaded for continued use after net deployment
  • Modular design allows transport in small and light-duty vehicles

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