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Virtual Design & Construction


August 12, 2008

The Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry has made significant strides in improving productivity through the use of new IT applications. The net result of these changes has been increased profitability and reduced risk exposure for those firms embracing these new tools. One set of these new applications is referred to as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) tools, which are multi-disciplinary performance models of design-construction-operation projects that are used to visualize, analyze and evaluate the performance of these projects. Building Information Modeling (BIM), a subset of VDC, integrates the work processes and information for multiple disciplines, organizations and project phases into a common model.

The use of VDC technologies has proven to increase the opportunity for design iterations, reduce errors and omissions, improve project coordination, enable more effective communication of the project scope, increase site safety, and minimize field changes. The primary benefit gained through the use of VDC technologies is the ability to make design and construction changes earlier than traditionally achievable, resulting in lower cost and time impacts to the project.

Exponent has developed specialized expertise in VDC technologies. Because our Construction Consulting professionals can draw on our in-house expertise in the areas of construction management and engineering, Exponent can provide a multi-disciplinary approach to streamlining our clients’ projects through the use of our VDC services. These services can be provided with little disruption to our clients’ existing business or contracting practices. We are also able to leverage our VDC expertise with our extensive experience in construction claims.