Radiation Health Risk Assessments

Patient examination. Exponent provides scientific research and support for Health Sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical technologies.

Expert Radiation Assessments & Investigations

Exponent's Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Risk Assessment provides evaluation, testing, and consulting on issues of ionizing radiation, as well as non-ionizing radiation.

How do we help clients assess radiation exposure and mitigate risks related to radioactive materials?

As radiation release through power electronics and radio-frequency electromagnetic fields increases,  so too have public concerns regarding the effects of this type of exposure on human health. Additionally, natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as the threat of terrorism, have dominated the discussions surrounding nuclear plant safety and associated releases of ionizing radiation (radionuclides) into the surrounding environment. 

The complexity of radiation science demands unique skills and experience for adequately advising stakeholders on related matters of applied research, regulatory compliance, community outreach, crisis management, and litigation support.

Exponent's scientists are recognized as experts in the field and have published extensively in peer-reviewed literature and serve on prominent scientific committees that directly inform the policy and management of radiation. We are uniquely positioned to address most needs for our clients using in-house staff only, which helps maintain the quality and consistency of the provided services.


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