U.S. State-Specific Chemical Regulatory Support

Chemicals in blue drum barrels. Exponent test and chemicals to help develop prevent fire hazards.

Achieve multi-state compliance

Exponent provides support for multi-state registration and renewals related to pesticides, soil amendments, fertilizers, and biostimulants, which must not only be compliant with federal laws but must also be registered and approved by each of the states where they are sold.

How does Exponent's decades of expertise and geographic footprint provide unparalleled state-by-state regulatory support?

Exponent's state-specific expertise, along with our unparalleled regulatory and scientific capabilities and federal compliance services make us the go-to consultancy for scientific and regulatory issues — especially in states with more stringent regulations including California, Florida, New York, and Arizona. We provide support in all states.

Exponent offers services such as multi-state registrations and renewals of pesticides, fertilizers, and other products regulated at the state level and our services range from high-level regulatory and scientific support to the more straightforward, but equally critical, multi-state registrations and renewals.


  • Multi-state registration consulting
  • Renewal of pesticides, fertilizer, and other regulated products at the state level
  • Regulatory and scientific support
  • State specific requirements