Interview Process

Exponent looks for talented individuals who possess the problem solving, communication, technical, and leadership skills required to become successful employees. We best describe our interview process as rigorous and thorough. As such, we have designed our interviews to gain a better understanding of your experience, skills, and career interests. We are also equally committed to help you discover if our organization is right for you. Throughout the process you will have an opportunity to meet and speak with many non-consultants and consultants from our different corporate groups, practices and disciplines.

Informal Interview

Our interview process begins with an informal interview by phone with one or more of our corporate staff, consultants, or Human Resources. We view the informal interview as an exploratory discussion between you and Exponent in order to learn more about each other and determine if we should proceed with a formal interview.

Formal Interview

Based on the informal interview, we may extend you an invitation for a formal, on-site interview. The interview day consists of several one-on-one interviews with our consulting and non-consulting staff, each ranging from 30 to 45 minutes in length. Please plan to spend approximately 2-6 hours at our office. You will have an opportunity to meet with multiple individuals in order to gain different perspectives about life at Exponent. Depending on the position, you may be required to take a written or technical assessment. As time permits, we will also give you a tour of our facility.

After the Interview

After your formal interview, our interview team decides on whether or not to extend an employment offer. You can expect to hear back from Exponent regarding your candidacy status within two weeks after your interview. Please be sure to communicate any job search deadlines (i.e. pending offers) to Human Resources so that we can get back to you within your specified timeline.

Interview Preparation

  • Make sure that you have attached the most current version of your resume to your online application 
  • Complete an online employment application (including references and mailing address) 
  • Review our website and be knowledgeable about Exponent and what we do 
  • Prepare to discuss and answer questions about your experience, skills, project work, and any previous positions 
  • Think of questions you may have about the position, the company, and our work