Lithium-Ion Batteries & Medical Devices: A Modeling Framework

Exponent Presents at the 2nd USA Medical Battery Conference as Part of MD&M West

February 5 - 8, 2024
Medical device evaluation

How will lithium-ion batteries perform in a particular medical device? Learn a new modeling technique that can help medical device manufacturers and battery developers answer this question. 

At the 2nd Annual Medical Battery Conference, Exponent's Dr. Sergio Mendoza will show you a unique modeling framework to analyze lithium-ion battery life, performance, and safety. Join us for this presentation from one of the leading experts in our Data Sciences practice (details below). 

Finite Element Analysis for Medical Devices & Biomaterials

"Modeling Framework to Predict Battery Life, Performance, and Safety"

TUESDAY, FEB. 6 | 2:30-2:55 P.M. PST

Speaker: Sergio Mendoza, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Data Sciences

The proper assessment of batteries has become essential for medical device safety. Lithium-ion batteries are the current go-to because of good power and energy densities, but challenges remain around aging, degradation, and damage mechanisms such as lithium plating, dendrite formation, solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer growth, and more. Join Dr. Mendoza for a discussion of a modeling framework to analyze battery life, performance, and safety. 

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