Product Safety Training
April 28, 2016

The Challenge

Regulatory and liability challenges that the consumer products industry constantly faces requires companies to have a procedure to obtain and apply up-to-date product safety knowledge in their safety process.  As your safety process evolves you need to be sure your staff and business partners are trained to recognize the changing requirements.  Everyone’s role in safety, however, is a little different; everyone needs to understand their particular role, how their role fits into the safety process, and how they are accountable for the safe design, manufacture, and distribution of products.  An effective training program accommodates these differences.

  • Does your company have a program for training your staff and educating your business partners to effectively manage your safety challenges?  
  • Does your company have a process for professional development of your safety staff?  
  • Should you? 

The Exponent Solution

Whether you design, manufacture, source, license, distribute, or sell products, your company and your business procedures are unique; safety training and professional development programs need to be tailored to your business environment and they need to be designed to achieve your desired outcome, such as better safety integration with the processes of your creative and design staff or with your suppliers.

Exponent’s Consumer Product Safety Team has extensive experience developing and deploying effective and efficient safety training and professional development programs.  Our training and professional development programs are designed to streamline and communicate your safety message using media consistent with your culture.