Physical Hazards of Food and Food Packaging
May 16, 2016

The Challenge

Processed and natural foods can cause choking resulting in serious injuries and fatalities.  Children, the elderly, and the impaired are particularly vulnerable, as are persons who eat after they have consumed alcohol or taken drugs.  The design of food packaging can change the way food is consumed and either increase or decrease the risk of choking, and food packaging can release parts that are themselves choking hazards.

Are you able to meet the ever changing market demands for innovative foods and packaging in a timely manner while reducing the risk of choking to the most vulnerable customers?

The Exponent Solution

Exponent’s Consumer Product Safety Team performed extensive research on the characteristics of products that result in choking injuries and fatalities.  The results of their research have been extensively published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, including chapters in both The Encyclopedia of Toxicology¹ and the Encyclopedia of Food Safety².  Exponent’s thought leadership team also teaches product safety and risk assessment courses as part of the Advanced Executive Safety Training Course at Saint Louis University.

Assessing the physical hazards of foods, packaging, and package design requires a multidisciplinary approach.  Exponent’s experts can assess your products and packaging; we can also develop training programs for your research and quality experts to enable them to perform comprehensive safety assessments.