What to Expect from Capital Programs Assessments
August 29, 2017
A Program or Project Management Office (PMO) is a management structure that standardizes the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques1. Does your organization always need a PMO to execute its program or portfolio of projects? The answer is ‘it depends’. As each Program or Project Portfolio is unique, the first recommended step is to perform a complete assessment of your capital program or portfolio.

Exponent’s Construction Consulting practice recommends the assessment of the following six elements at a minimum:

  1. Mission & Goals: This should be the first step and the main goal is to understand the mission of the program. If the client does not have a defined mission, Exponent will assist with the development of the mission and key measurable goals.

  2. Organizational Structure: Exponent will work along with our clients to confirm the existing organizational structure and assess whether the current structure is appropriate to achieve the program mission and goals. If there is no existing structure, we will assist with the developing a structure that supports the program needs.

  3. Current Health: Before proceeding to a detailed review of the program, it is important to understand the current health of the program. Is the program or portfolio of projects overspending? Are the milestones being attained as planned? Exponent’s approach and priority of next steps will be driven by the current status.

  4. Processes & Procedures: It is important to understand the current process and procedures as well as governance and controls, and assess their effectiveness. It is Exponent’s goal to ensure governance compliance as well as to strive for efficiency. 

  5. Performance Metrics and Reporting Requirements: The measure of success is not necessarily the number of reports the team produces but the effectiveness of the KPIs and the reports that are indicating the performance of the program against the defined success metrics. Exponent will evaluate the different KPIs, metrics, and reports, if any, and come up with proposed metrics and reporting requirements that align with overall program goals.

  6. Information Management Systems: Lastly, it is important to assess the current tools used to manage the program or portfolio of projects. Are the tools appropriate? Are the tools helping the team execute its work in the most efficient way? Exponent will assess the different tools and recommend alternative options, if needed.

How Can Exponent Help?

From managing a large portfolio of capital projects to setting up large PMOs to manage major programs, Exponent’s experienced consultants have the skillset to help you execute your work in the most effective way.

Exponent has developed a Program Assessment Framework that can successfully help our clients streamline existing programs or set up new. For more information, please reach out to Valeria Tyndall, Senior Manager in the Construction Consulting Practice.