New Exponent US Chemical Regulation and Food Safety Offering: Waiver from the (OCSPP 870.1200) Testing Requirement for Acute Dermal Toxicity Testing for Formulated Products
August 22, 2017
Exponent is now offering waiver support services for clients that are subject to from the OCSPP 870.1200 testing requirements for acute dermal toxicity testing of formulated pesticide products. The waiver is based on the EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP), waiver guidance for acute dermal toxicity studies for formulated pesticide products, which includes the retrospective analysis and rationale for the waiver. The EPA believes this retrospective analysis demonstrates that acute dermal toxicity data on pesticide product formulations offers little additional scientific information or public health protection and thus fully supports a conclusion to grant waivers of acute dermal toxicity studies for pesticide product formulations.

Following EPA’s guidance, the results from the acute oral toxicity (OCSPP 870.1100) and the acute eye irritation (OCSPP 870.2400) studies on formulated products are used as the basis for classification of the acute dermal toxicity of the formulated product.

Exponent now offers waiver writing support in line with EPA’s guidance. Exponent can provide both technical and regulatory expertise to support and draft the acute dermal waivers, which will assist industry in this goal of reducing the number of animals used in acute effects testing, while also saving time and resources.