Rethinking Waste Streams as Valuable Resource for Reuse

America Bar Association (ABA)

August 9, 2019

Joy McGrath, M.S., senior managing scientist at Exponent, Alicia Taylor, Ph.D., senior scientist at Exponent, and Arvind Murali Mohan, Ph.D., senior associate at Exponent have recently published an article “Rethinking Waste Streams as Valuable Resources for Reuse”. The article addresses how waste water streams contain valuable materials that can be recovered for reuse. For example, biogas and biosolids from waste water treatment plants can be used for energy and as fertilizer, respectively. However, as waste streams are recovered and repurposed, treating waste prior to reuse is a crucial step. Various technologies exist for waste treatment and recovery; however, their application for reuse needs to be optimized.  This article discusses how waste streams such as produced water from hydrocarbon extraction and waste water from treatments can be optimally repurposed.

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