Caution: HOT! Understanding and Investigating Burn Injuries
September 28, 2017
Burn injuries are a common occurrence in industrial settings and everyday life, and often involve consumer products. Despite the prevalence of burn injuries, understanding the burn risks that may accompany industrial processes or commonplace consumer products, as well as investigating these types of injuries, can be a difficult task.

The basis for our current scientific understanding of burn injuries is formed by a few landmark studies involving the quantification of burn severity under different thermal exposures. These studies also form the basis for consensus standards (such as ASTM and ISO standards) that provide guidance for assessing the risk of burn injuries. These standards are frequently misinterpreted when used in the context of litigation.

Understanding the mechanics of burn injuries, the way in which consensus standards apply or don’t apply, and the available tools for evaluating burn hazards are all indispensable to any litigation involving burn injuries. By bringing scientific rigor to the analysis of burn injury hazards, we can obtain a clearer understanding of the cause of injury.

In this webinar we will:

  • Review the science of how burn injuries occur.
  • Describe consensus standards on burn injuries and how they are misunderstood.
  • Explain how different types of burns (e.g., burns caused by radiant heat, hot gas, hot liquid, or contact with a surface) should be analyzed.

Through multiple cases studies, we will examine typical issues that arise in litigation involving burn injuries and the different analytical, experimental, and numerical tools available to address these issues.