The Reach of REACH
November 30, 2017
To celebrate Exponent's 50th Anniversary, we created a book featuring our most notable projects from the last decade. Below is an example of our work in the Manufacturing Industry.

The Reach of REACH: How technical compliance with new regulations acts as a challenge to manufacturers, importers, and users.

The REACH regulation is a highly complex piece of legislation that entered into force in June 2007 and fundamentally changed the way in which chemicals are regulated in the European Union (EU). REACH shifts the regulatory burden of demonstrating the safe use of chemical substances from the government authorities to industry itself — manufacturers, importers, or in some cases, downstream users. Beyond regulating the use of new chemicals, REACH mandated a tiered regulatory review of thousands of existing chemicals already in European commerce.

Regulatory strategy for organotin substances, a complex and hazardous class of chemicals, has depended on Exponent’s capabilities in data gap analysis, testing strategies, placing and monitoring new scientific studies, compiling registration dossiers, and producing Chemical Safety Reports — comprehensive environmental and human health risk assessments.

REACH mandates the submission of detailed registration dossiers for even commonly used chemicals (such as additives in engine oils) to the European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki, Finland. Exponent devises creative and pragmatic solutions by working with manufacturers and importers, as well as newly identified downstream users.

Another primary goal of REACH is to avoid unnecessary animal testing. Although it is sometimes necessary to generate new scientific data to increase our understanding of chemical hazards, REACH mandates the testing of chemicals on animals only as a very last resort. Exponent works with affected organizations to prevent unnecessary animal testing while ensuring a high level of protection for workers and populations who may be exposed to the substances.