Wildland Fire Litigation Conference
April 21, 2017 - April 23, 2017
Coronado, California

Exponent consultants have been invited to present at the 11th Annual Wildland Fire Litigation Conference in Coronado, California. The conference program will highlight various topics, including fire investigation, legal, forensics, and damages and environmental issues.

Dr. Amir Jokar will present, “Wildfire Particulate Deposition and Smoke Damage Investigation.” As a managing engineer of the Thermal Sciences practice, he has conducted multidisciplinary research studies on the distribution of wildfire particulate (ash, soot, char) in adjacent residential areas as well as their impact on the building materials and insulation batts. Dr. Jokar has also published several technical papers on wildland fire contamination and smoke damage assessment.

Dr. Katherine Palmquist will present “Pitfalls of Published Science - Practical Strategies for Litigation,” which addresses the issues of bias and error in published scientific literature and how these can influence the course of environmental litigation. Dr. Palmquist is a managing scientist in the EcoSciences practice and has technical expertise in ecological risk assessments at large complex sites, often within a litigation context. She has published on the effects of wildfire on stream ecosystems in the western United States and the factors affecting ecological recovery.

This conference is well recognized in the area of wildland fire litigation, attracting wildfire professionals and plaintiff and defense attorneys from the United States as well as Canada and Australia.

For more information, please visit the event website.