IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering
May 16, 2018
Dr. Troy Hayes, Principal Engineer in Exponent’s Materials & Corrosion Engineering practice, will be speaking at ISPCE on May 16, 2018 in San Jose, California.

The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society hosts an annual premier symposium, ISPCE (IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering), on all relevant topics for professionals, practitioners, and ISPCE 2018 innovators in the areas of product safety and compliance engineering.

Dr. Hayes will speak on “Effects of Dropping a Battery Powered Device: a Look at the Separator and Electrodes after Drop Testing.”

Mobile devices almost invariably experience repeated dropping over their lifetime. Depending on the height of the drop, number of drops, orientation, device covers and contact surfaces, this may or may not manifest itself in visual damage to the device itself. Even when no damage is observed on the device itself, however, damage may occur within the lithium ion battery inside the device. In this talk we examine what is happening inside the battery during such events. Exponent has observed separator pullback or bunching between electrodes after repeated device dropping, resulting in direct exposure of the positive and negative electrodes. Examples of damage observed from such drop testing will be shown along with a discussion of the mechanisms of damage accumulation.

For more information, please see the event website.