Leading Scientists in Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology and Epidemiology Present at the Teratology Society Annual Meeting
July 3, 2018
11:41 AM - 11:41 AM
Several Exponent Scientists currently play instrumental roles in the Teratology Society, the premier scientific organization dedicated to the understanding and preventing of birth defects and disorders of developmental and reproductive origin. Because of our extensive involvement in the Teratology Society, Exponent Scientists are well positioned at the forefront of the field to assist their clients on issues related to developmental and reproductive toxicology.

Dr. John DeSesso was awarded the 2018 Josef Warkany Award (career impact award) and also presented the corresponding prestigious Josef Warkany Lecture entitled “The Arrogance of Teratology”. Dr. DeSesso has a rich history of dedicated scholarship and service to the field, and is a past president of the Society. Dr. DeSesso gave the lead-off presentation talk in a continuing education course on Embryology and Development of the Central Nervous System, “Pre- and Post-natal Development of the Central Nervous System” and an additional presentation, “Changes in the Developing Gastro-Intestinal Tract: Impacts on Exposure and Susceptibilities” as part of the symposium on Changing Susceptibilities throughout Embryofetal Development

Dr. Amy Lavin Williams is the incoming Chair of the Education Committee, which develops continuing education opportunities for members of the Society, and is a member of the Program Committee. At the 2018 Teratology Society meeting, Dr. Williams presented a poster co-authored with Dr. DeSesso and Dr. Christopher Bates on the “Evaluation of DART Data Pertaining to Reclassification of Chloroform as a Proposition 65 Reproductive Toxicant”.

Dr. Nelson Pace presented a poster on the epidemiologic evidence surrounding chloroform and developmental outcomes, complementary to Dr. Williams’s poster on the toxicologic evidence. His poster, co-authored with Dr. Ellen Chang, is titled “The Epidemiology of Chloroform Exposure and Developmental Outcomes: A Systematic Review”. He also chaired a platform session on the epidemiology of pharmaceuticals in birth defects research. Dr. Pace is currently a member of the Program Committee, which develops the annual meeting’s scientific program.