Medical MEMS and Sensors Conference
November 7-8, 2018
Dr. Ray Huang, Principal Engineer in Exponent’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Science practice, will be speaking at the Medical MEMS and Sensors conference November 7-8, 2018 in Santa Clara, California. This conference focuses on MEMS and sensor technologies for medical wearables, diagnostics, and implantable applications.

Dr. Huang will present, “Product Liability, Compliance, and Reliability Testing for Smart Medical Devices.”

As MEMS and sensors become more integrated into daily consumer products such as phones, wearables, wrist watches, and now mobile biomedical products, the liability aspect of these new devices is under ever-increasing scrutiny. A defective or failed product could potentially lead to user harm or injury. As a result, the designer and manufacturer of medical MEMS and sensors enabled products should incorporate guidance and reference from safety agencies in addition to their products’ performance and characteristics. They should also consider common industry practices to develop a well-rounded due diligence program to protect themselves from potential liabilities. This talk will cover case studies of applications that became subjects of investigations by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) because of sensor or device failures. The talk will also address some of main test strategies being employed by large corporations.

Dr. Huang is the Office Director of Exponent's Hong Kong office. His expertise is in product liability, intellectual property, emerging technology due diligence, and technology dispute resolution. He has worked in Europe, Asia, and North America advising industrial and legal clients with a focus on devising strategic plans to address technical risks involving safety, quality, compliance, and reliability for hardware and software in TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications) and consumer electronics space.

For more information, please see the event website.