15th Global Congress on Process Safety
March 31 - April 3, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Global Congress on Process Safety (GCPS) is the largest gathering of safety practitioners from industry, regulatory bodies and academia. This year’s conference will be in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

Dr. Trey Morrison, P.E., CFEI, principal engineer at Exponent, will present Tutorials in LPS I and II - Concepts to Prevent Fires & Explosions.

Exponent Papers:

Paul Boehm, principal scientist; Bob Haddad, principal scientist; Harri Kytomaa, principal engineer; John Osteraas, principal engineer

Harri Kytomaa, principal engineer; Paul Boehm, principal scientist; John Osteraas, principal engineer; Bob Haddad, principal scientist

Claudio Favero, associate; Sarah Parker, Senior Scientist; Michael C. Stern, managing engineer; Harri Kytomaa, principal engineer

Trey Morrison, principal engineer; Ryan J. Hart, managing engineer

Matthew Walters engineer; Sean Dee, managing engineer; Russell Ogle, principal engineer

Poster Sessions: Brenton Cox, managing engineer; Trey Morrison, principal engineer; David C. Hietala, associate

Ryan Hart, managing engineer; Trey Morrison, principal engineer

Chason Coelho, managing scientist; Patrick Cullen, scientist; Sunil Lakhiani, managing engineer; Trey Morrison, principal engineer

On Sunday, Dr. Morrison, will join, Dr. Chason Coelho, CSP, CFI, managing scientist at Exponent and Dr. Sunil Lakhiani, P.E., CSP, managing engineer at Exponent, to host a Human Factors Short Course at the 15th GCPS Conference. Their goal is to provide practical methods to understand and address human performance in process safety management.

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