DRI Intellectual Property Litigation Seminar

May 8–10, 2019
Austin, Texas
This year’s DRI Intellectual Property Litigation Seminar will explore emerging issues in patent, copyright, and trademark law, focusing on industries such as video gaming, and provide practical, cutting-edge strategies for issues that IP litigators face every day, such as consumer surveys. The seminar will also feature a Young Lawyers Breakout on Wednesday afternoon. This seminar will take place in Austin, Texas at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown.

John D. Martens, Ph.D., M.B.A., P.E., CFEI., principal engineer at Exponent, James F. Brennan, III, Ph.D., principal at Exponent, and Kim B. Blair, Ph.D., senior manager at Exponent, will be in attendance.

Exponent is a proud sponsor of the Intellectual Property Litigation Seminar.