The Spot

May 28-29, 2019
Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr. Kim B. Blair, senior manager at Exponent, presenting “The Big Picture – Industry” as well as moderating the panel “The Innovative Mindset”, at The Spot on May 28-29, 2019. Dr. Blair’s presentation will discuss how the sport industry has evolved as a technology leader in many areas, and how continuing innovation will be key for companies to maintain relevance in this rapidly changing marketplace. The panel will explore the questions of why we need to innovate, where does the sport fit into the bigger picture of the tech-based economy, as well as what the critical challenges are for achieving sustainable competitive advantages.

THE SPOT examines how it will influence both athletes and competitions in the future, as well as looks at the latest products and ideas, and asks how the wider world of business and the consumer will benefit from the pioneering spirit in sport. This conference will also explore how tech-driven changes in sport translate into changes in society – and how sport is becoming a force for positive change, as well as explore the latest entertainment trends, the amazing growth of esports and the future of sport as entertainment in the virtual world.

On May 28th, Dr. Kim Blair will deliver a presentation on the state of innovation in the sports industry, “The Big Picture – Industry” at 1:45-2:05 CET and moderate “The Innovation Mindset” panel at 2:20-2:50 PM CET.