DRI Young Lawyers Seminar
June 26-28, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee
DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar will host a Young Lawyers Seminar on June 26-28 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Young Lawyers seminar is jam-packed with sessions to teach young lawyers practical skills while giving them ample opportunities to develop and grow meaningful, career-rocketing relationships. Hear from engaging in-house and outside counsel alike on key issues such as voir dire techniques, making compelling opening statements and persuasive closing arguments, interfacing with the news media on behalf of your client, and more.

Michelle L. Kuykendal, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI, Jason R. Skiera, P.E., managing engineer at Exponent, and James J. O’Shea, Ph.D., senior associate at Exponent, will be in attendance.

Exponent is a proud sponsor of the DRI Young Lawyers Seminar.

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